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Please tell us which days or which combination of days you will be attending Full Days cost £20 half Day £10 discount is available for multiple children from the same family payment by cash card or cheque can be made on the first day of attendance`

Parental Consent
I have read and accept the booking terms and conditions on behalf of the applicant for
his/her place at Linlithgow Rugby Football Club’s Wee Reds Easter Camp 2017. *

Terms & Conditions - Youth Rugby Camp
Linlithgow Rugby Club:
1. Reserves the right to exclude or refuse any player at any time prior to, or during the Camp, if
in our opinion the behaviour of the player is not compatible with the general enjoyment and
well-being of the Camp,
2. Does not accept liability for personal injury or death, of any participant, howsoever caused.
We do not accept liability for any loss or damage, or theft of property belonging to any
participant. We do not accept any responsibility for losses or additional expense due to
sickness, weather or any other cause.
3. Suggests that participants may wish to take out their own personal accidental insurance
4. Reserves the right to cancel, alter, or amend the date or venue of the Camp. Players unable to
attend any revised Camp will be eligible for a full refund.
5. Will refund the full Camp fee in the case of cancellation, but will not be responsible for any
further compensation.
1. Who cannot attend the full Camp week through injury, illness or other reason, will not be
automatically entitled to any refund or compensation.
2. If for some reason you need to cancel please notify the Club Development Officer immediately
(see address below).
3. Please note that photographs may be taken for promotional purposes. If you do not want your
child photographed, please let us know by writing in advance to the address below. *

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